Providing Cleaning Services in Alaska for 47 Years

Delivering quality cleaning services to Alaska

We specialize in routine and specialized cleaning of commercial office space, medical facilities, aviation support facilities, and mixed use office warehouse space.

We have the team and equipment to support your cleaning needs. We offer a complete suite of services including routine cleaning, periodic floor maintenance, sourcing stocking and delivery of supplies, and emergency clean up response. We focus on delivering quality service and providing best value for your budget in Anchorage and surrounding area.

Q-1 works with our customers as our partners to develop and deliver a cleaning plan that meets each customer’s needs. Our goal is to be the most reliable, quality focused, long-term janitorial solution provider at a the most reasonable cost.

Q-1 Mission

To provide high-quality, consistent, and reliable commercial janitorial services to our clients.

Whether you are a large office complex or a large medical facility, we have the resources to meet your expectations with the utmost quality and attention to detail, providing best value for your budget in Anchorage and surrounding area.

We do more than sell services. We provide continuing service to ensure that we stay consistent with our customers’ changing needs. Our goal is to be the best long-term janitorial solution provider at the most reasonable cost. Q-1!  Second to None!

Our Cleaning Services

Commercial Janitorial

Commercial Janitorial

Professional cleaning and maintenance solutions for businesses, ensuring a clean and hygienic environment by offering services such as regular cleaning, floor care, waste management, and more.

Green Cleaning Services

Green Cleaning

We prioritize environmental sustainability by using eco-friendly products and practices to provide ideas effective cleaning solutions. We offer cleaning solutions that reduce environmental impact, and maintain a safe and toxin-free environment.
Day Porter Services

Day Porter Services

On-site support during regular business hours, ensuring cleanliness, maintenance, and a well-presented environment. We handle tasks including cleaning, restocking supplies, waste management.
Hard Surface Cleaning Services

Hard Surface Cleaning & Maintenance

Our team utilizes Industry best practices and equipment to remove dirt, stains, and maintain the integrity and best care of your building.

Post Construction & Pre Move Cleaning Services

Post Construction & Pre Move Cleaning

Thorough cleaning and preparation of spaces after construction or renovation projects, ensuring a clean and welcoming environment before moving in or utilizing the space.

Carpet Care and Maintenance Services

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Comprehensive cleaning and upkeep for carpets, ensuring their longevity and appearance. Industry best practices similar to above. utilize specialized techniques to remove stains, dirt, and odors, promoting a fresh and healthy indoor environment.
Warehouse and Industrial Cleaning Services

Warehouse and Industrial Cleaning

Our team offers cleaning of warehouse and industrial spaces removing dirt, dust, and cleaning floors. To help enhance functionality and help maintain a clean space for your operations. 
Special Event Cleaning Services

Special Event Cleaning

Our team will provide pre event clean, debris removal, sanitation, and support clean up during and after event maintaining a presentable environment for attendees. 

Emergency/Disaster Response Services

Emergency/Disaster Response

Such as water incidents, natural disasters, or accidents. We have the personnel, equipment, and expertise to provide rapid cleanup, restoration, and recovery to assist in restoring normalcy and safety.

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